I like my medical insurance.  I really do.  I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  I work for an employer and have  “employer-sponsored”  health insurance.  What that means is that my employer pays around 50% (in my case) of the cost for me to be covered (called the premium).   Now some employers pay 75%  of the cost and a lot of people that work  for the government (like state or federal employees),  have 90% to 100% of the cost paid (or the premium). My medical insurance costs me around $200 a month.  That means my employer is kicking in the other $200.  This saves me a lot of money because not only would I have to work an extra 20 hours or so (roughly) a month  —  but, I would also have to pay taxes on said $200.  Since I am a single woman and the government really likes to soak the “singles”, it would cost a great deal more for me to not be ‘subsidized’ by my employer.

The other problem with not having insurance from my employer is that I couldn’t get very good coverage.   The benefits are severely limited for someone that purchases an Individual policy.  That’s what the whole uproar in the government is currently about.  Group insurance is soo much better than individual insurance. For instance, when I go to the specialist, it only costs me a $40 C0-Pay.  In this situation, my deductible is $0 to see the doctor. Typically, if  I had individual insurance, that insurance probably wouldn’t start paying anything until I had paid a deductible of $5,000 (it could be more or less  –  usually more).  The reason for this is that (with Group Insurance), the cost of  medical care is spread across a wider variety of need for said medical care. Usually younger people t hat pay premiums for health care would subsidize older workers because younger people don’t need to see a doctor as often and don’t take as many prescriptions as older people.  Insurance is all about spreading the risk among different groups of people. If insurance companies had to pay out on everyone  —  they would soon go out of business.

If someone loses their  job, how would they pay for the cost of medical care?  That’s why so many people want Obama Care. Lots of  people are losing their jobs right now. I read that the economy is not going to improve much for the next  year.  Many companies are not doing well.  How is my company holding up?  I wish I knew.  They seem to be firing people right and left.  The news is not good.  What would I do without medical insurance?

Do any of you readers have any thoughts about health insurance?  Do you have health insurance?  Do you think the insurance that the Obama administration is a good idea?  Any questions?  I am an insurance agent —  so I can answer any general questions you’d have.

The “hooker story” isn’t as exciting as you would imagine. My boyfriend, Harris, had been winning heavily at the craps tables at Ceasar’s Palace.  Now Harris is a total nerd. He looks like a nerd, acts like a nerd (and sometimes a jerk!) and would def be someone a hooker would hit on. He was sitting out a few and was checking his e-mail on his nerdy I-phone. He was wearing a Ceasar’s palace shirt & cap (pu-leeze). The hooker came up to him (she was a black woman) and asked if he wanted them to “go up to his room”. He said he didn’t know WHAT to say and was afraid of hurting her feelings. He stammered out something that sounded like a “No”.  And, she walked off, talking to her pimp on her cell phone.

I was annoyed  with him for not just saying “No” right away.  And, then annoyed that he felt badly when he said, “No” (or whatever he really said). And then, REALLY annoyed because he had to re-hash this story at least five or six times with me. Each time, sort of explaining (to me or to himself) why he had to say “No”.

Now, the thing is that I usually have to beg him myself to have sex (yeah, not kidding — that’s what happens when you get old)!  I’m the partner with the high libido — lucky me. He doesn’t mind not giving me sex — so, he certainly shouldn’t have to justify his actions to the hooker. And, it’s not like I would appreciate him having sex with a hooker (or anyone else)!!

The other thing is that people always say that I look really good for my age (whatever that means).  And, I constantly have guys hitting on me.  The super in my building thinks both me and MY daughter are super hot and flirts with me all the time. Some kind of male fantasy thing, I’ve heard.

But, you don’t see me having to explain to people why I don’t have sex with other men. I don’t even mention this to him. MEN!!!  Can’t live with them — can’t live without ’em.

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