Simon’s Cat Knocks Stuff Down

Simon captures cat behaviour really well. Everyone that owns a cat will recognize the things cats do in his drawings. In this video, Simon’s cat knocks stuff down & then he “bats” what looks like a bunny figurine a few times until he pushes it off the mantelpiece. I’m not currently a cat owner because my allergies are so bad – but, it always makes me smile when I see what that damn cat of Simon’s is up to. He seems surprised that things go flying to the ground as he rubs up against them.

I love the elegant way that cats jump off of things: they put their front paws against a flat surface & then jump. This must act a stabilizer for when they land. I’ll have to copy this ingenious method next time I jump off the mantel.

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2 Responses to “Simon’s Cat Knocks Stuff Down”

  1. Date Girl Says:

    I love these cat cartoons. You’re right-he completely captures the attitudes of cats. Makes me miss my farm kitty up in Oregon. He’s pushing 13 and still trucking along. I’m severely allergic too, so we’ve never considered having a cat here. Love watching these cartoons though. My cat’s favorite sleeping spot used to be on my open textbooks in high school, when I was trying to study. 🙂

  2. Meghan Says:

    Kitties just give us a warm feeling inside – even if we’re allergic.

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