Tetris Effect

Harvard professor Shawn Achor, talks about positive psychology and happiness. He calls it the Tetris Effect. The tetris effect can be applied to improve our state of mind. You can train your brain to look for “happiness patterns”. It’s the key to why our brains are powerful when linked with positive activities to teach us to be happy. He uses positive interventions every day to train the brain to pick up good ideas. For example, every morning, write down five things that make you happy.

The brain will start scanning for patterns that you’re grateful for every day. Instead of looking for bad input, like the news or traffic – we can’t help but think of what makes us happy (if we train our brain to do that). Just think back to when we were first in love. Nothing bothered us. We didn’t even think about unpleasant thoughts. Because there were none. All we could do was think about our life with our love & the things we did with them. Train your brain to have a positive reaction to the environment that’s around you.

If you’re interested in the Tetris Effect, his book is available from Amazon. It’s called, “The Happiness Advantage”.

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  1. Date Girl Says:

    Nothing beats the power of positive thinking!

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