The Vow

My last post was how stupid Valentine’s Day is. And, it is. This trailer for the the movie, The Vow, looks really good. It happens to be debuting on Valentine’s Day – so, I’ll post it to be nice. My ex-husband is always telling me to be nice. The movie looks like it might be good. I’ll probably cry. It has Rachel McAdams in it from The Notebook, which I thought was really sappy. And lame. Hopefully, this is better than The Notebook.

In The Vow, a married couple has a car accident and his wife, Paige loses her memory. She doesn’t recognize her husband or anything about their love. So, he has to try to win back her heart again. She’s really resistant to his love. He keeps trying. Let’s see if The Vow is a movie that I like. I wonder if she ever really loved him?

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