Well, it is six weeks after falling in a hole and my foot is still not healed. My analysis is that I’m now about 75% healed. When I was first injured, I figured that I’d only be out of commission for about a month at most.  I still couldn’t put any weight on my foot after two weeks. I went online to check if that’s normal or what. What I read seriously disturbed me.  Most everyone that wrote about it said it took them ten to twelve weeks to recover. Some took as long as 16 weeks!!!  I think Wikipedia said something about it taking 8 weeks to build up the 5th metatarsal.

I  figured out that the most important thing to do when one breaks their 5th metatarsal is to STAY THE HELL OFF OF IT!!#%&*!!!  When I did my research, I discovered that those who did not stay off their broken foot took much, much, much longer to heal. I am impatient to be back on my feet and normal again. Not to mention feeling fat!!!  My wonderful boyfriend even said that boy, I had better get ‘back in the gym’ again.  (This is coming from a man that looks like he’s seven months pregnant.) It didn’t really hurt my feelings because: (1) He will always be fatter than me.  And (2) He’s right and I am more anxious to be able to work out than he even wants me to.

The other day I started to do research on how one could possibly work out with a broken foot.  There isn’t a lot of exercise that I can do with a broken foot. There are no real videos to follow. There were a few videos of some “wheelchair exercises”.  But, the lady used weights on the thighs. Not a good plan for someone that seriously wants to stay off of it —  for it to heal.  Also, these were only like 3-minute videos with some general information. Someone did mention something about the “Chair Exercise” video.  So maybe I should look into that. Some people said Pilates is good for it. I confess I know very little about Pilates and I think maybe I might need some special equiptment for it. Didn’t I read that the movie stars are always doing Pilates?

I am able to do those (Girl) push-ups. So, that’s good. I am even considering making my very own work-out video for gimps like me. I suppose watching this “Jump-Rope” video didn’t make me feel any better:

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