Good Motivational Video

Not only is this video informative (I didn’t know that Thomas Edison was considered “just a pleasant personality” by his teacher – lol.), but it’s motivational as well. It tells how Lucille Ball was considered shy, Decca Recording said they didn’t like the Beatles ‘sound’ and that guitar music was on it’s way out, Ulysses S. Grant had to start working for his Daddy as a handyman at age 38, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, Walt Disney got fired from the newspaper because he lacked imagination, and Abraham Lincoln could only be described as a failure on many fronts. FromĀ

When we read about these stories today we laugh at the absurdities. These were real people that worked real hard and lost. I’m sure they cried about their situation too. But there is always a solution. You only need one thing to find a solution: You need to ask yourself the right question.

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