Potassium Iodide Pills

I missed this recommendation from the surgeon general to buy Potasium Iodide pills because we might have nuclear radiation here in the United States. If that nuclear radiation from the fallout of the nuclear power plant in Japan does come over here, I doubt that it would help much. It’s gonna be in our food and our water. Most of us don’t have underground dwellings and plenty of food and water stored to protect us. I think it might be foolish to worry about “what-ifs”.

John Tesh (from his radio show) stated that we shouldn’t be buying potassium iodide tablets. He says to beware of fake potassium iodide pills. Here’s an except from him: “Because of the recent nuclear crisis in Japan, some North Americans have been stocking up on potassium iodidde pills to protect themselves from possible radiation, but experts say this isn’t a good idea. For one, North America is far enough away from Japan that the ‘radiation levels won’t be high enough to cause any damage, and the pill could possibly do more harm than good.”

And, here’s the rest of the article:

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