How To Keep Dog From Digging Under Fence

A dear friend of mine has had lots of problems with her dogs digging under the fence and escaping out into the free world. The city even slapped her with a hefty fine because the dogs were loose. She has four dogs and it’s difficult to keep up with the husband and shuffling the kids all over place. She also has to constantly be on guard with what those animals are up to.

I feel for her. The dog could be leaving because either because he wants to escape or needs some comfort or attention. Here’s a video with tips on what to do if your dog is digging up under the fence and annoying the neighbors.

To stop your dog from digging up the lawn or under the fence takes discipline, and can be handled by getting the dog more exercise or placing feces in the hole. Some say this “feces trick” is an old wives tale. I don’t think that I’d want to continually put dog feces all around my yard. It’s gross.

Teach your dog to stop digging in the yard or under fences with a certified dog trainer. Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog obedience trainer in Miami, FL. He suggests that you give your dog lots of exercise, lots of affection and lots of attention. If they’re getting what they need – they won’t be so bored and will have something to do with their excess energy.

Another Pro Tip is to give him a scratch toy. The pup might be digging up the yard because their paws need to be busy. Or – you could build him a digging pit or a sandbox specifically for them to play in. Dogs dig mostly because it’s fun for them or because they hear insects in the ground. I guess you’d better put some insects in the sandbox too.

Here is his website:
Be sure to watch this video for more tips to keep dog from digging under the fence

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2 Responses to “How To Keep Dog From Digging Under Fence”

  1. deanna duke Says:

    Dear Megan,

    I had the same problem with my dogs(3). They were always digging and chewing the fence and getting out all the time, what a pain it was. I finally came up with a solution that continues to work like a charm. My dogs love milk bones, when they have done their business and played around a little. I show them the dog biscuit by tapping on the door so as they can see them. The minute they see the milk bones they run to the door to come in. They no longer try to get out, i think it’s because they don’t want to miss getting their dog biscuit.

  2. Meghan Says:

    Thanks for the good idea about the milk bones. The way to a dogs’ heart is through their stomachs – that’s for sure. Keep a-tapping!

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