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Behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), in the Canal (ITC), completely in-canal hearing aids (CIC), New Delhi, India

In most cases, patients with hearing loss can restore hearing in their functional levels with a headset, but now all the worries every style is hearing and color. Using a variety of techniques, hearing aids amplify sound directed at the listener and are a simple and effective solution for most hearing problems. Hearing Aid Center, we offer a wide selection of hearing aids and BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC, ready to eat, and hearing aids and headphones for the rest of the patients of all ages. Our audiologists can help determine what fair hearing instrument for you.

  • Behind the ear
  • In the ear
  • In the channel
  • Completely in Canal
  • Receiver in the ear

We offer products from a variety of relief aid manufacturers, including behind the ear hearing aids (BTE), completely in the canal (CIC) and Open Fit devices "that the ear are barely visible. Prices can vary greatly depending on the level of technology required for each individual, ranging from the traditional (analog) simple digital processing circuits of the state of the art digital sound processing.

BTE (behind the ear)

Behind the ear hearing aids are a great tool for people who suffer from mild to severe hearing loss. This type of hearing aid is particularly good for children and patients who suffer from excess moisture and ear wax. BTE ear molds required and may include features such as directional microphones, reel, and several listening programs. Again, younger styles are available for people with hearing loss mild to moderate high frequency of less visible "adaptation open."

ITE (in the ear)

In the ear hearing aids work well for people with severe hearing impairment. This type of hearing aid fills the outer ear and is made as to the best fit. headphones ITE has more amps because of their size. These aids may include features such as multiple listening programs, coil, and directional microphones.

ITC (In the Canal)

Smaller than ITE hearing aids, that is-the-canal aids are aids designed for patients with moderate to severe deafness. Because they are small, the ITC hearing aids are discreet and aesthetic.

CIC (Completely Channel)

Completely in the canal hearing aids are more small available. They are designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and have ear canal, large enough to accommodate them. hearing CIC aid adjustment in the bottom of the ear, enabling the reception healthier and more natural. These headphones are aesthetically attractive custom, since they are virtually undetectable.

RITE (receiver in the ear)

Advanced hearing aid technology has led to a new category of hearing aids called a receiver in the ear. RITE headphones are extremely lightweight and quieter than CIC devices, but provide an understanding superior speech. They are designed for patients with hearing loss of high frequency and severe hearing loss. RITE hearing aid according to the advanced functionality options, such as directional microphones

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