Have been re-evaluating this blog.  I originally began the blog because I had broken my foot & wanted a “Band-Aid” (or the equivalent) for my foot.  Was sad, was depressed, was angry at my boyfriend  — you know. Beyond the depths of despair. Okay. Being a little dramatic here.  But, was NOT a happy camper.  The blog helped me get on with my life. And, maybe saved sanity a little.

Anyways, I dropped some stuff on my foot & sprained it a little & it’s all swollen & black & blue — but, not as bad as before.  Thank the Lord!!!  So, back to the blog Band-Aid.

Think I just want to report on all the “Band-Aid” type stuff that’s going on.  Sounds like WAAY more fun than insurance.  Don’t you think???  If, not — feel free to comment or ask question. 

Saw this entertaining bit on You Tube about the Apple I-Phone Band-Aid. Hilarious & informational at the same time. The part about the “band-aid” starts at 1.40 mins.  These Band-Aids are sold through  They’re an online handmade goods site.

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