I have excellent news!!!  Remember I told you that I had purchased Travel Insurance from ACCESS AMERICA??  Before I broke my foot, I had plans to go to College Station, TX.  I wisely bought the Travel Insurance when I purchased my airline tickets. My boyfriend wouldn’t spring for the insurance when he bought our tickets for Vegas.  And, because I wasn’t able to go — he was just out the cost of the airline tickets for me. He also had to endure Vegas without me being there  —  but, such is his rotten luck.

Maybe I had a premonition, I don’t know.  But, cheapie me bought the travel insurance.  I had had a very bad case of the flu a couple of weeks before I bought the tickets.  I really just thought that maybe I might just come down with something serious like the Bubonic Plague or something else that would render me unable to get out of bed.  I NEVER thought I would break anything!!  I had never broken a bone in my life before and no one else in my family of seven children has ever broken anything either. (None of the nieces or nephews, either.)  Somehow I thought I was invincible.

After I broke my foot and was in such  horrible pain, I filled out the forms and got the doctor to sign the forms, giving his permission for me not to travel. Well, the other day I received a check from them for $313.33!!!!  (Enclosed please find check in the amount of $313.33 as payment for “Trip Cancellation” due to “Injury of insured”.)  I didn’t have to bug them or call them twenty-two times  —  they just paid the claim.  GO ACCESS AMERICA!!!

You never know when you’re going to step in a hole and break something.  I am planning to buy the travel insurance from now on.  It cost me less than twenty bucks.

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  1. Sandy Says:

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  2. Meghan Says:

    Thank you for your unexpected compliment!! I don’t know quite how to respond. I did everything from scratch — without any help from my loser boyfriend (Harris), my daughter who just got a job with the school system as their Tech Support person, or my son who is a big effing deal Webmaster!! (He recently quit his very well-paying job — he’s the sole support for his wife & two little, little kids & moved to San Francisco to improve on his dot com start-up.) Anyways, with no one to help or advise me, I constantly don’t know what to do or how to do it. I must tell you that I am flabbergasted that 1. Anyone even reads my blog & 2. Anyone thinks it’s good.

    I really started this blog because I had broken my foot and it inspired me to help people. I have been an insurance agent for about 8 years. I figured that people have lots of questions about insurance. I know more than I think I know. Usually, people would buy from their local agent and that is just fine by me. I will only give honest opinions about insurance. If any readers have questions — be sure to post them in the comments. Thank you again, Sandy. You are too kind.

  3. Date Girl Says:

    I’m definitely purchasing insurance for our honeymoon, because you just never know. Weather, sickness, unexpected pregnancy and the need to reschedule! It could happen (though I really really hope it doesn’t!). I’m glad to hear that it worked out so well for you. As always, thanks for the advice!

  4. Meghan Says:

    Date Girl: I soo enjoy your blog!!! I am very busy with my full-time job and other businesses. I never have time for fun. But, your blog is my guilty little pleasure. Well, I really don’t feel that guilty. It’s just fun and makes me think of when I was young.

    Yeah. get the insurance. How about if you had gone to Hawaii for your honeymoon this past weekend?? Well, I guess the bad weather would “bond” a couple. And most assuredly give them something to tell their grandchildren.

  5. sky insnrance Says:

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  6. Meghan Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment — always nice to be noticed.

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